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I have been a back patient for many years and have undergone a previous discectomy and fusion of my cervical neck. Recently I began to have new and painful lower back pain. After repeated trips to the orthopedic doctor, it was determined that I would probably need an MRI. Having been down that road before, I wanted to try a more conservative treatment first.
Right off of the bat, Dr. Lyssy made it possible for me to come in without having to be absent form work by seeing me after 5pm. I was not too sure that he could help and thought possibly that the treatment would be super painful. I was astonished when just after the very first treatment, I felt at least 80 percent better and the treatment was easily tolerated. I slept for 10 hours that night as I had not been sleeping much for the prior weeks. Moreover, the Dr. himself called me the next day to see how I was.

Dr. Lyssy recommended a series of adjustments to ensure lasting pain relief. I did have a remission of pain that I thought was a horrible setback. However, since he is in his office on Saturdays, early the next morning I was able to see him for this. He explained to me that this sometimes occurs and that I should not give up yet. He was right! After a few more days, I was back to myself.
I know that the nature of my condition is chronic and I am so glad that Dr. Lyssy is available to get me back on my feet. In fact, I have him on speed dial.

- Samantha B.